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Training becomes much easier when your dog wants to please you.  By becoming the Alpha, your dog
will constantly want to be with you, and be close by when you ask them to do something with no
distractions.  The bond is complete when proper playtime activities are included in your human-dog
relationship allow him to “let loose” and interact socially in many different situations.

Training can start as early as 3 months old, but in reality, no dog is too old to be trained.  Sometimes

Just basic obedience on an older dog can change some inappropriate behaviours.

Dogs can also have instinctive behaviours specific to their breed and will sometimes require different methods of training to change or nurture these behaviours. 
At Alpha Dog Training Montreal we strive to provide obedience training to dogs of any breed.  With a network of specialists who have specific knowledge in many breeds, there is no training issue we can’t deal with.  Just having the knowledge of what to look for in your dog, what behaviours to nurture and which ones to correct can help keep your household in complete harmony.  Small inappropriate behaviours can become serious issues if not dealt with as early as possible.
Training your a puppy at an early age can also be the best gift you ever give him.



Training of all ages & all needs






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