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With basic obedience training your dog will learn to heel on the leash, sit, stay, lie down and come, all at your side and from a distance.  With the proper techniques and equipment this can be achieved relatively quickly and with minimal stress to you or your dog.  Basic obedience establishes your Alpha status in your dog’s eyes, and will make any other forms of advanced training easier.   Our obedience training techniques will stay with your dog for their entire life, and if you ever have any issues that arise throughout the years, we will give your dog a refresher for free.

Advanced obedience can be customized to meet the goals you have for your dog, from agility training to search and rescue.  We can train your dog to detect such things as explosives, firearms or narcotics, something that can come in handy when you are wondering what your children might up to.     


Protection training comes in several levels.  With basic protection training, your dog will show aggression towards a potential attacker, but will not necessarily bite.  This will dissuade most potential threats. With advanced protection training, your dog will learn to run towards an attacker and engage them. Protective services can also be customized for virtually any need.

Board and Train

Most courses involve your dog interacting with your trainer on a weekly basis.  Imagine how quickly your dog will learn if he is in the hands of as professional every day while you are on vacation.  With our board and train service you can enjoy some relaxing downtime and return home to a different dog. With the addition of a few follow-up sessions at home, your vacation will have left you relaxed and kept you relaxed.

Pet Taxi

Today’s busy schedules sometimes leave us in a bind.  We would be happy to help you out by transporting your dog to the Groomers, vet or any other appointment including a pickup service for a walk in the park or training session.

Dog Walking and Exercising

Every dog has a different level of activity.  Some are content with a daily walk or some ball throwing at the local dog park.  Some would benefit from a full out roller blade on the canal a few times a week.  Maybe your dog requires guidance in a simple walk and heel.  We can customize an exercise routine best suited to fulfilling your dog’s needs.

Please Note: Dog walking and exercising services are only available on a “schedule permitting” basis.  


As price depend on many factors like amount of training involved, severity of any behavioral issues and  travel time, please contact us for pricing information.






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