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We read about personal crimes in the newspaper every day.  Increasingly nowadays it seems that criminals
are getting bolder, even in our relatively safe environment.  In many of these situations, a simple deterrent
could have intimidated the criminal enough to take his business somewhere else.  That’s where Personal Dog
Protection comes into play.  Whether you are on a walk, getting groceries, or just home alone, having a loyal
companion that you know will protect you will certainly give you peace of mind.  Somehow those strange
noises on a windy night won’t be quite as scary anymore! 

And knowing that most thieves won’t enter a house that has a dog in it will leave you at ease when
returning home from a night out. To ensure everyone’s safety there are commands given that will ensure
your dog has no aggression towards anyone deemed friendly.

Personal Dog Protection comes in 2 levels:
Basic and advanced, as well as the many possibilities available for Custom Protection Training.
  We can customize the level of your dog’s training to perfectly match your personal and family needs.

Basic Obedience is necessary for a dog to be eligible for Personal Dog Protection

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