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Alpha Dog Training is located in south west Montreal and services Downtown Montreal, Atwater, Westmount,
LaSalle, Montreal West and the South Shore.  We offer in-home training for you and your best friend.
  No need to go anywhere, or wait for anyone else to get your training under way.

Our team are always punctual and courteous and all their attention is on you and your dog.

Working with you on a weekly basis we give you the necessary tools and information to form the perfect
bond with your dog.  With daily practice your dog will amaze you with his constant improvement and ease
at which he will learn.
We can also accommodate you if you with our Board and Train Service.  We have kennels available to board
your dog and be trained for up to 2 weeks at a time.  Or you can choose to have your dog board at your
favourite nearby kennel and we can arrange to pick up your dog daily to train.  Both services include a follow
up of a few weekly private sessions. Imagine coming home from vacation to a perfectly trained dog!!
Your neighbours will be jealous of your tan AND your dog!

We are also available to help you with any behavioural issues from housebreaking to severe aggression.

All of our training and behaviour consultations come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. 

For people who want a dog for protection, we have extensive protection training as well.  Your dog can
be your companion as well as your protector, leaving you and your family peace of mind when you are home
alone, walking at night, or away from home for the evening.  Custom protective services are available for
every situation, and we can work with you to find the perfect dog for you, and the perfect fit for your family.

With this many different levels of training available, how far you take it is entirely up to you.



John Truss



"In Dog We Truss"

Student of

Master Dog Trainer Educator
Harry Kalajian







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