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Dazer Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool

Stop barking - Control over excitement - Reinforce training

The Dazer II is a humane and effective dog training tool that can be used to stop unwanted barking and control over excitement at the door or in the yard from up to 20 feet away!!

Does your dog bark at the window?  Or at the fence when people pass by? 

The Dazer II is a humane and effective way to stop these unwanted behaviors.

Do your dogs play too rough sometimes?  Not sure how to stop them without getting hurt?  One push on the Dazer II and they will instantly stop the rough play.

Does your dog jump up on people at the door?  The Dazer II can be used to modify this common annoying problem.

Does your dog lunge at other dogs, animals or people while on your walk?
The Dazer II will bring your dog’s attention back on you allowing you to better control what they are doing.

Using the latest in ultrasonic technology the Dazer II emits an uncomfortable but not harmful ultrasonic frequency. The Dazer II can be easily activated, is compact and effective, and clips easily to your belt so it’s ready when you need it.

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