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At Alpha Dog Training we strive to achieve the best bond between you and your dog using three main tools.
Proper training, proper exercise and proper playtime activities.  When these three things are achieved in the correct way, your dog will see you as the Alpha or leader and will have your full attention at all times.
Proper training will help you achieve leader status by ensuring there are rules in the household, and rules outside the house.  In nature packs of wolves have rules, the leader enforces those rules, and in your house it should be no different.

Exercise is essential when trying to keep your best friend’s needs met completely because most dogs are a bundle of energy that needs to be let out in some way. When that energy comes out in unwanted ways we blame the dog for doing something wrong!  If we had just been meeting the needs of the dog, many of these unwanted behaviours could have been avoided as well!  Just like proper exercise can help alleviate stress in humans, ensuring your dog gets the correct amount of exercise will go a long way to alleviating many stress related behavioural issues as well as continuing to cement the bond between you and your dog.

Many people say a tired dog is a happy dog. 
I say a tired dog is a happy master.

The third element to a successful relationship is proper recreational playtime activities.
This can be anything from throwing a ball, to taking your dog to the dog park, to a casual walk through the woods.
The time you spend paying attention to your dog in non-verbal and attentive ways
can be the key to gaining their full trust, respect and loyalty.


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